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Vadgaon is an upcoming suburbs located in the district of Pune of Maharashtra state. The village derived its name because of the presence of Banyan trees or “Vad” in the village. Located at a distance of about 8 km from the centre of Pune, Vadgaon is a small village where farming was the main source of income till 1990s. Vadgaon lies on the route towards the popular Khadakwasla dam which is the main source of drinking water for Pune and the world famous National Defence Academy (NDA) of India which is one of the top - ranking military training institute. The city is a communication point between Pune city and Singhad Fort.

Vadgaon Town

History of Vadgaon

The proximity of Vadgaon was covered by dense forests with rivers and waterways. Hence, the region was served as a stop for the migration of sheep from Konkan to Regions Island. However, the city witnessed a host of developments since the year 2005. There was a significant growth on the population of the city and there was a toll of environment of Vadgaon from village to city. Nowadays, a large part of the forests and fertile lands are converted into apartments and complexes. Major part of the land is covered by housing complexes which is the base of the middle - class people of Pune.

Geography of Vadgaon

It is very important to know about the geography of the city when you are planning to travel to a particular place. This helps in easily planning your trip. Thus, for your help we have briefed about the geographical state of Vadgaon. The city is located at 549 meters above the sea level. The latitude and longitude of Vadgaon is 18.7486° N and 73.6410° E respectively.

Climate of Vadgaon

As per the Koppen - Geiger System, the climatic condition of Vadgaon is known as local steppe climate. You will get rainfall in the city all throughout the year. The average annual temperature is about 27.1 °C while the average precipitation in the city averages around 641 mm. May is known to be the hottest month when the city’s temperature rises to 33.9 °C. The coldest month of the year is January when the temperature decreases to 21.6 °C.

Population of Vadgaon

According to the survey of India Census 2001, the total population of Vadgaon is 11,359. The sex ratio of the city is 52% males and 48% females. The average literacy rate of Vadgaon is 75% which is on a quite higher range than the average national literacy rate of 59.5%. As per the survey of 2001, the city had a population of 13% under the age of 6 years.

Emergency Services in Vadgaon

Emergency Services in VadgaonEmergency services are the most important necessity in any town or city. But as Vadgaon is a developing city, it doesn’t offer many services in terms of emergency needs. The town is still in the progressive phase and the government is working on the emergency services to be offered to the local residents which will also be consumed by the tourists.

Vadgaon Police Station

Vadgaon Police Station is known as “Abhiruchi Police Station”. The Police in Vadgaon is solely responsible for the safety and security of the local people and also to check that law and order is followed in the city.

Contact Number: 020 - 24392733

Areas and Localities near Vadgaon

Vadgaon is located after Anand Nagar near Singhad Road and it is close to Katraj - Dehu Road Bypass which connects Pune’s Chandni Chowk entry and Katraj entry.

Villages near to Vadgaon: The villages that are close to Vadgaon are - Niranjan Park (1 km), Anand Nagar (1 km), Dhankawadi (1 km), Parvati (1 km).

Cities near to Vadgaon: The nearby cities from Vadgaon are - Pune (7 km), Pimpri - Chinchwad (18 km), Sasvad (29 km), Talegaon Dabhade (35 km).

Taluks near to Vadgaon: The taluks that are located close to the proximity of Vadgaon are - Haveli (4 km), Pune (7 km), Pimpi - Chinchwad (18 km), Purandar (28 km).

Districts near to Vadgaon: The nearby districts from Vadgaon are - Pune (7 km), Satara (99 km), Raigad (115 km), Ahmednagar (133 km).

How to Reach Vadgaon

Vadgaon city is located close to Bangalore - Pune Highway and is well connected at both sides. Here is a brief idea about how you can reach Vadgaon through bus, rail or air.

Bus Service to Vadgaon

By Bus
You can get frequent buses from Vadgaon to Pune city through PMPML. Also, there are buses from Swargate to Dhayari.

By Rail
The nearest railway station from Vadgaon city are listed below

Sivajinagar Railway Station - 8 km
Pune Junction Railway Station - 9 km
Ghorpuri Railway Station - 10 km
Ghorpuri West Railway Station - 10 km

By Air
The airports that are close to Vadgaon city are mentioned here

Lohegaon Airport - 17 km
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - 136 km
Gandhinagar Airport - 186 km
Kolhapur Airport - 232 km

Distance from Vadgaon to Major Cities in India

It becomes much easier and convenient to travel to a place if you have gained knowledge about the distances to be traveled from the major cities in the nation. Here is a list of all the major cities in India along with their distances to Vadgaon. This summarized list along with the distance will definitely help you during your trip to the city. Have a look into the below mentioned list of the distances from Vadgaon

Vadgaon Railway Station

Mumbai to Vadgaon - 71 km
Ahmedabad to Vadgaon - 479 km
Jaipur to Vadgaon - 916 km
Delhi to Vadgaon - 1128 km
Hyderabad to Vadgaon - 413 km
Navi Mumbai to Vadgaon - 60 km
Bengaluru to Vadgaon - 709 km
Pune to Vadgaon - 7 km
Lucknow to Vadgaon - 1065 km
Kolkata to Vadgaon - 1251 km
Surat to Vadgaon - 278 km
Nagpur to Vadgaon - 511 km
Chennai to Vadgaon - 818 km
Kanpur to Vadgaon - 1003 km
Raigarh Fort to Vadgaon - 56 km

Lifestyle in Vadgaon

The people of Vadgaon still maintain a very traditional lifestyle. But with the influence of modernism, the young generations of the city are trying to cope up with the many developments in urbanization and living patterns. The city has very few beauty parlors and gymnasium centers.

Beauty Parlors in Vadgaon

Make Over Beauty Parlor in VadgaonAs mentioned before, Vadgaon city is still expanding and developing in many areas. Visiting a beauty parlor for various beauty and body treatment has become a necessity in present daily life.Thus, there are quite a few beauty parlors in Vadagaon. You can also locate unisex parlors in Vadgaon

Final Touch Unisex Salon
Address: Katraj Bypass, Pune - Bengaluru Highway,
Singhad Road, Vadgaon, Pune,
Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 09850727200 (Mobile)

Looks Beauty Parlor
Address: Shop No. 20, Aditya Nakoda Building,
Singhad Road, Vadgaon, Pune,
Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 020 - 24349514, 09822513549 (Mobile)

Lady Care Beauty Parlor
Address: Laxman Heights, Near Raja Ganpati,
Opposite Parihar Shop, Sudarshan Mitramandal,
Vadgaon, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 09373661654, 09370541528 (Mobile)

Address: Out House, 21, Balwant Apts.,
Ganesh Singhad Road, Vadgaon,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 09371016484, 09422001904 (Mobile)

Make Over
Address: Ganga Bhagyavoday Shop No. 16,
Manik Baug, Singhad Road, Vadgaon,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 07385479292, 09175724699 (Mobile)

Passion Men’s Parlor
Address: Laxmi Ganga Residency,
Suncity Road, Vadgaon, Pune,
Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 08605774642 (Mobile)

Gyms in Vadgaon

Work out and exercise has become an essential part of every person’s daily life. In today’s world everyone is aware of the benefits of a healthy life which you can gain by staying fit. Thus, gyms have also gained its importance in Vadgaon like any other city. Here is a list of the Gymnasium Centers in Vadgaon

Ace Fitness Club
Address: 1st floor, Serial No. 143,
Laygude Industrial Estate, Vadgaon,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 020 - 33013950

Talwalkars Hi Fi
Address: Survey No. 120 A 120 B,
Plot No. 3, Shriram Shanti,
Singhad Road, Vadgaon, Pune,
Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 020 - 33014533

NGOs in Vadgaon

Being a developing city, the government of Vadgaon is putting a lot of interest for the development of women empowerment. They have set up NGOs in the city where they work for the overall development of the city. They can become a member of the NGO and also go there for any kind of emotional support and help. The NGOs also look after the education of women. The details of the NGOs in Vadgaon are  given here

Shri Sai Foundation
Address: 56 Mamata Society,
Near Punya Nagri Society,
Vadgaon, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 09960994444 (Mobile)

National Institute for Sustainable Development
Address: Sunder, House No. 560,
Survey No. 21 / 1, Sainikwadi,
Vadgaon, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 020 - 27033020

Old Age Homes in Vadgaon

Every developing city has few old age homes where the aged people can go and have a peaceful stay. They help the old people to feel at home even after leaving their children and grandchildren back. Vadgaon also has few options where people can go and stay at times of need.

Arpan Old Age Home
Address: Vrudhashram, Singhad Road,
Vadgaon, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 020 - 39634808

Entertainment in Vadgaon

In today’s century every person has become busy with their daily life. Thus, some kind of entertainment is very important to burn out the stress. There are quite a few options where you can leisure and entertainment hubs in Vadgaon.

Movie Halls in Vadgaon

Films have become a part of our life and thus Vadgaon houses some of the movie halls. There are two movie halls in Vadgaon where you can watch any kind of movie according to individual liking. Also, you can find eating out options inside the theatres where you can grab some snacks while enjoying the movie along with your family.

Abhiruchi City Pride Multiplex
Address: Abhiruchi Mall, Singhad Road,
Vadgaon, Pune, Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 020 - 66846100

Fun Time Multiplex
Address: Before Mumbai - Bengaluru Bypas Fly Over,
Singhad Road, Vadgaon, Pune,
Maharashtra - 411014
Contact Number: 020 – 24350355

Quick Facts about Vadgaon

State: Maharashtra
District: Pune
Region: Desh or West Maharashtra
Division: Pune
Official Language: Marathi, Hindi, Kannada & Marwari
Elevation: 549 m above sea level
Vidhan Sabha Constituency: Haveli
Civic Agency: Pune Corporation
STD Code: 020
Pin code: 411041
Vehicle Registration: MH - 12
Time Zone: IST (UTC + 5:30)

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